Top Tips for Van Branding

Top 10 Tips for Branding your Van

1) Define Your Advertising Goals

What are you trying to do with your branded vans? Are you trying to reach out to potential customers whilst on the motorway, or your local area? Or do you want to look professional when visiting a customer’s property? If you are seeking new business, advertising what you do and how to get in touch must look obvious to get the results you deserve. If you have a plumbing company, the word “plumber” or “plumbing” has to stand out, especially if it is not included in your brand name.

2) Invest in Graphic Design

If you are planning on investing in wrapping your commercial vehicles, we would highly recommend a professional designs the graphics. Think about how effective an eye-catching illustration could complement your logo and help you stand out from your competitors. It could be a widget or even a freehand sketch. The opportunities are endless when the right team breathes life into your branding ideas. Have a look at the recent work done by the graphics installer to determine the quality of their work and whether you like the designs that they have produced in the past.

3) Go Big With Your Lettering

Different letter sizes and font styles reach out in different ways. In order to gain customer attention, size is everything so go big with your lettering. A person needs to be able to read your company name and contact details not only from a certain distance away, but sometimes whilst you are on the move. On the other hand, you don’t always have to be driving around with a gigantic advert on the side of your van to communicate your branding.

4) Choose Fonts Carefully

Something as seemingly mundane as a font can make a huge difference in advertising effectiveness. Chose a simple and easy to read font rather than stylised lettering to ensure the message you’re wanting to portray is legible. You only have a short time span of a few seconds to make an impression with your audience, so text needs to be easily digested whilst your vehicle is parked up or on the move. Careful font selection can also convey a more professional image to viewers.

5) Promote Your USP

If there is something unique about the type of service that you specialise in then make sure you highlight this. Something others cannot provide will bring the right customers your way. Any special offers you are running currently add an air of urgency for people to get in touch with you. You could even place a removable decal on your van panels to highlight temporary offers for new clients.

6) Use your Company Logo

How can you get the viewing public to remember you? By hiring the right design studio to brand your van, your logo will not be easily forgotten. Furthermore, a well crafted logo says a lot about your company, which is why it is a smart investment for many businesses. A great company logo accompanied by a clever tagline not only informs the reader but can also entertain, ensuring that people remember your brand for some time afterwards.

7) Incorporate Colours & Textures

Consider highlighting important parts of your signage by contrasting colours or complimenting them. Adding white spaces in your designs accentuates them. Whilst your colours and logos attract people, white spaces help them hone in on important details like telephone number and type of work. There are a great variety of speciality films designed to change the colour of all or part of a vehicle, and there are also a lot of textured materials that, for example, give a leather effect, or a carbon fibre finish. If used together in the right way, colour and texture can render some amazing designs.

8) Think About The Shape Of Your Van

Bodywork varies on different vans and must be considered when making custom graphics. Be aware that certain humps or curves in your vehicle’s body does distort the decals or vinyl wrap placed on it. Often many people misinterpret the shape of a van template when it is flat, so be sure to work with a professional designer who can layout graphics to ensure that van contours do not affect overall branding objectives.

9) Don’t Include Photographs In The Signage

Although the process of superimposing photographs onto your vehicle fleet is quite straightforward, the end result can look really bad. Mainly this is due to the resolution of images being far too low when scaled for van graphics. Think of ways in which you can convert the photograph into a branding graphic that will look much clearer to your audience and achieve the same goal.

10) Budget for Design and Installation

Remember to consider the cost before you develop vehicle designs that are way beyond your budget. Vehicle graphics can range from some simple lettering on the side of your van, to a wrap with durable vinyl and custom textured laminate. Don’t go too far with your designs and work out what you can afford beforehand. Van branding can be done effectively on a budget. It’s just a matter of working with an experienced design team that shares your marketing goals.

If you’re inspired to brand your van the right way, get in touch with Branded Vans for a free design consultation. We’re the experts in vehicle graphics design and are happy to show you how to evolve your vehicle into an effective marketing billboard!

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